Express Services

Interested in our services? Let us take it from here—we guarantee that every mission is accomplished on time. With our sophisticated tracking system, we can monitor not only our deliveries in real time but also the locations that we are currently servicing.

We provide the following services to our corporate clients:

1. sorting and labelling of documents
2. door-to-door delivery of billing statements and notices
3. inter-office deliveries
4. all other documents for delivery as required


Each of our agents is equipped with an eagle-eye perspective of the metro, and a sophisticated tracking and tracing system to accomplish high volumes of deliveries daily even under time pressure!

With our growing team of agents, we can cater to different client requirements—from the speed of the courier service to the volume of deliveries. Our services can definitely help your company save time, energy, and resources—our track record proves it.

High volume, high success rate. This is how we keep our coporate clients and partners strongly satisfied.